Welcome To Krittaphong Group Co., Ltd.

Krittaphong Construction Company was established in year 2005-2006 and the company turned to be Krittaphong Group Company Limited in year 2009 with the 4 main business units: construction, hotel and tourism, real estate development and investment consultancy.

  • Construction: Since 2000, Krittaphong has started providing the service on construction and renovation of buildings, offices, airports, residences, and so on; and the company was established officially in 2005.
  • Investment Consultancy: Since 2007, Krittaphong has began its service for the investors (as consultancy on investment).
  • Real Estate Development: Since 2010, Krittaphong has cooperated with various international enterprises on the real estate development in Lao PDR named Vientiane New World,ASEM Villa, Vientiane Center and others.
  • Hotel and Tourism: Since 2012, Krittaphong has joined with CHINA CAMC Engineering Co.,Ltd  and the joint venture company CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co.,Ltd was established. Besides, Krittaphong also has built the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel since 2012 for the 9th ASEM meeting, and taken over the Luang Prabang Golf Club&Resort Complex Project which is the biggest golf club in Laos.

Since 2012, Krittaphong has become Krittaphong Group Company Limited registered capital of 49,948,750 USD. Since then, Krittaphong has grown rapidly day by day; the Krittaphong has increased investment capital and widened its business units and activities together with cooperation with top companies of China aimed at boosting the Lao economy and strengthening constructing infrastructure system. The growth in various sectors in year 2012 has strongly improved the system standard of Krittaphong Group.With the obtained basis, Krittaphong Group keeps raising investment capital and enhancing its business for the new stage in 2013.

Project Achievements
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