62 KM Farm

Project Information

Status In Progress
Start Project 01/09/2016
Finish Project 01/09/2016

More Information

Signing Agreement Ceremony on invest to Agricultural and accumulate development Tourist’s Attraction 62 Km.

Area 1,101 hectares
Location 62 Km, Huoython Village, Phounhong District, Vientiane Province
Land along River Bank The majority is Water source, lake
Development Golf Course, Resort, Restaurant, breed animals and Meeting Centre
Area limit plan
  • Golf Course and Resort
  • Restaurant
  • Agricultural-Breed animals
  • Meeting Room
  • Green Sole Area

aProject Objectives

  • Total area: 1101 hectar.
  • Provide more job opportunities and local labor has the priority
  • Project activities:
  • Construct 400 meters alphran south road access to project office
  • Construct 10 Lao style houses with 2 floors, 4 rooms.
  • Golf course
  • Construct conference room with the capacity of 200-300 people
  • Construct the restaurant
  • Planting Lao national Champa flower to export to China
  • Breed animals ( fish, pig, cow etc… )